Genealogy and FOREVER

Professional and amateur genealogists spend years of their life gathering their ancestor’s history, stories, photos. They have spent countless hours researching generations of family. The problem arises when the genealogist stores all of this priceless information on a cloud platform or a personal computer that is fraught with issues that don’t protect the research in their best interest.  Some of the issues encountered include the inability to not easily share with family, the lack of privacy, the inability to keep all photos, uncensored and at full resolution, the inability to collaborate with other family members, and the inability to store videos. and both endorse FOREVER and recognize it as the company that will protect the research, photos, and videos that will be passed onto future generations. 

Another important facet of FOREVER is the ability to protect the photos that you take today, that tell the story of your life. That information will be treasured by future genealogists and your descendants. Your computer will die, your passwords lost, your accounts in other websites effectively, gone. Your permanent FOREVER storage account will protect your research of the past and the photos and stories of your present. It will be passed on in a secure private system.  For more detailed information on how Forever can benefit you, your research, and your family contact me. I’m a Senior Exec and certified Ambassador at Forever, I will show you how easy it is to set up your account and tailor it to your needs. Just think you can have everything protected this weekend!