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Kind Words

{Twenty-three years ago, Marianna started to work with me. Through FOREVER, she has provided me with a safe way to convert my old media so they can be enjoyed again.  FOREVER recently digitized a box of unlabeled 8mm tapes from my parent’s house. Imagine their surprise when they were able to relive their 1955 wedding reception streamed right from my storage account! As a memory keeper herself, Marianna knows the joy that comes from preserving those memories in a way that can be shared with others.  Whether it is helping you make a photobook of a European vacation or son’s wedding, printing art for your walls, converting old media that you no longer have the ability to view or helping you organize and safely store those family memories, she can help you accomplish your goal.  There is no one else I would turn to for this expertise.{
Liz Schofield
{I can highly recommend Marianna Curran as a creative and caring Forever photo consultant. I have known Marianna since 2014, she has helped me make family history projects “come alive” ever since! Marianna helped me immortalize my and my husband’s family trees and our ancestors’ immigrants to America. She designed two 12” x 12” heirloom-quality books. Marianna was very professional in designing pages and formatting the layouts, being careful to choose vintage papers, fonts and images that are true to 19th-century styles. She even restored a couple of old photos!  Her people skills match her artistic abilities, and Marianna has a knack for making photo organizing fun and productive. Thank you for your work, Marianna -- Forever treasures to my children and grandchildren!{
April Clive
{I met Marianna 15 years later and now, call her a friend. Her kindness, sense of humor, patience and guiding hand have introduced me to the world of digital scrapbooking. After watching Marianna at work, I saw that she looks at her clients as individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses, then steers them to create beautiful projects.  An example of this is that Marianna realizes I am not very creative and she points out simple ways to create beautiful pages. I always save my projects and photos in my FOREVER Storage account knowing that future generations will enjoy them long after I have gone.  Marianna has also shared her time with me to find the best way to organize my FOREVER storage specifically for me.  She truly is a gift to digi-scrapbooking and saving our memories for future generations.{
-Kathy Sarkis Pittsburgh, PA
{What does a photo coach do with a client too fearful to finish a paper scrapbook after 8 years? You continually convince her to try digi-scrapping! Marianna has been working with me for over 10 years encouraging me to continue scrapbooking because she knew that I desperately wanted and needed a creative outlet. Her class on how to get started digi-scrapping finally got me rolling. It was step-by-step covering all of the basics and eventually moving to more intermediate concepts. All classes are taped. After the class, I have called for help several times and Marianna is always available. I never feel abandoned. I cannot tell you how often I text her that digi-scrapping makes my heart smile. I am extremely proud of my first digital scrapbook and forever grateful to Marianna!{
Robin Lancaster